Basketball Dribbling Drills on The Move

Basketball Dribbling Drills on The Move

Basketball dribbling drills are probably the most creative workouts because they’re so many different drills you can do to work on your ball handling.  This is a really good thing in order to keep challenging yourself with different drills!  Its great to get creative so you don’t get tired of doing the same basketball dribbling drills all the time.  One thing you do not want to forget are the drills that actually simulate in-game situations!  These basketball dribbling drills should be the focus of your workouts. In the video below I show you a drill that you should be doing every time  you’re in the gym working on you ball handling skills.


Basketball Dribbling Drills on Move Checklist:

  • Perform drills at game speed
  • Pushing the ball out after you come out of move
  • Perform drill on the both sides of the court
  • Make sure you’re staying low


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