How to Develop Your Weak Hand

A player asked me “how do I get my left hand better and can you give me some drills I can do to help me get it stronger?”

A lot of players never take the time to develop their off- hand. Many feel they can get away with being a one hand dominate player.  You may be able to get away with it for awhile,but let me be the first to tell you, the higher you go up in competition the more difficult it will become to be a one hand dominate player!

We are going to discuss ways you can improve your left hand or right hand as a basketball player. Many players make it more difficult then it has to be when developing your weak hand.  If you want to improve your left or right hand you have to spend more time working out with that hand.

For Example: If you do 5 min of drills with your right hand and you left hand is weaker then you need to be doing 10-15 mins of dribbling drills with the left hand.

There are really no just “left handed” dribbling drills or “right handed” drills. When you peform all of your drills, just make sure your working both hands. (paying more attention to weaker hand)

Developing Your Weak Hand Checklist:

  • Spend More time on Weak hand always
  • Alway work both hands when practicing moves
  • Use Heavy ball to strengthen your left or right hand for faster results
  • Play a pick-up game only using your weak hand
  • Learn to shoot with both hands



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